National Examination Board announces SEE results with a pass rate of 47.86%

KATHMANDU: The National Examination Board, Office of the Controller of Examinations, has released the results of the Secondary Education Examination (SEE). This year, only 47.86% of the total students who participated in the examination passed. Out of 444,785 students who took the exam, only 213,720 were allowed to proceed to class 11, while 231,065 students (52.14%) received a non-grade (NG).

According to the results, 186 students achieved a 4 GPA. The board published the results following the Letter Grading Guide, 2078, which separates theoretical and internal evaluations. To pass, students must score at least 35% in each subject’s theory exam, which equates to a minimum of 26.25 marks out of 75. For the internal assessment, students need to secure 40%, or 10 marks out of 25.

Students who fail to obtain 35% (26.25 marks) in any subject’s theory exam are marked NG on their certificates and are not allowed to advance to class 11 without taking a grade improvement test. Additionally, students must score at least 10 points in the internal assessment and 26.25 points in theory to receive the original certificate. Those who do not meet these criteria are permitted to retake exams in two subjects.

Candidates who fail to secure 35% marks in more than two subjects, or do not achieve the required marks in the grade enhancement exam, can retake the exam for subjects with NG the following year.

This year’s SEE exams were conducted from March 28 to April 10. The results highlight the challenges faced by students under the new grading system, emphasizing the need for additional support to help more students succeed in their secondary education.

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