Domestic electricity demand reaches record high of 2,316 MW in Nepal

KATHMANDU: Nepal’s domestic electricity demand soared to a record high on Sunday, with the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) registering a peak demand of 2,316 MW. This surpasses the previous high of 1,876 MW recorded on June 27, 2022.

NEA records indicate that total energy demand on Sunday was 51,692 MWh. Out of this, NEA and its subsidiary companies supplied 12,981 MWh, while private sector hydropower companies contributed 29,829 MWh. Interruptions accounted for 375 MWh, imports were 44 MWh, and exports to India reached 12,683 MWh.

The unprecedented demand has been attributed to the soaring temperatures during the summer season. Increased use of electrical appliances, such as air conditioners, refrigerators, fans, and coolers, has significantly boosted electricity consumption. While monsoon rains have begun in several areas, they have yet to uniformly spread across the country.

Chandan Kumar Ghosh, spokesperson for the NEA, noted that electricity demand peaks during the daytime and lasts until 8 p.m. He added that the electricity supply exceeds demand during nighttime hours.

The onset of the monsoon has also boosted electricity production due to rising water levels in rivers and rivulets. “With the monsoon rain, water levels have increased, and production could rise further once western parts of the country receive adequate rainfall,” said Ghosh.

As production increases, electricity imports have dramatically fallen, and exports have risen significantly. NEA reported that single-day electricity imports have dropped to 44 MWh, a sharp decline from over 8,000 MWh in the past year. Concurrently, nighttime electricity exports to India have increased to 12,683 MWh since late May.

NEA has authorized the export of 656 megawatts of electricity from 15 hydropower plants to the competitive Indian market. Between mid-July 2023 and mid-January 2024, Nepal sold electricity worth Rs 12.40 billion to India, a 47.97 percent increase compared to the same period the previous year.

Conversely, NEA imported electricity worth Rs 15.21 billion to meet domestic demand during the winter season, down from Rs 19.44 billion the previous year.

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