Salt Trading Corporation increases salt prices

KATHMANDU: Salt Trading Corporation Limited has announced an increase in the price of salt, effective from midnight Tuesday. In a statement issued on Tuesday, the company detailed the adjusted prices for various types of salt sold and distributed by the corporation.

The price of a kilo packet of iodized salt has been increased from Rs 23 to Rs 26, reflecting a significant adjustment. Similarly, the price of New Shakti salt has been raised from Rs 17 per kg to Rs 20 per kg. However, the price of Bhanu salt, a staple for many households, has been fixed at Rs 9 per kilo.

The price hike is expected to impact consumers across the country, particularly those who rely on iodized salt for their daily dietary needs. Iodized salt is essential for preventing iodine deficiency, a common health issue in many regions.

Salt Trading Corporation Limited, a key player in the distribution of salt in Nepal, has attributed the price adjustment to various factors, including increased production costs and market dynamics. The company has assured the public that despite the price increase, they are committed to maintaining the quality and availability of salt across all regions.

This move comes at a time when the cost of living is rising due to various economic pressures. Consumers are likely to feel the impact of the price hike, especially those from lower-income households who may already be struggling with the increased cost of essential goods.

The corporation has urged consumers to understand the necessity of the price adjustment and has promised to continue providing high-quality salt products to meet the nutritional needs of the population. The revised prices are now in effect, and consumers are advised to check the updated rates when purchasing salt.

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