Deadline approaches for Narayanghat-Butwal Road widening project

KATHMANDU: The second extended deadline for the completion of the Narayanghat-Butwal road widening project is set to expire on July 23. Initiated in 2019, the road expansion work has seen its deadline extended twice, reflecting the project’s complexity and scope.

Engineer Shiva Khanal, the Information Officer for the project, informed RSS that 52 percent of the work has been completed in the Nawalparasi eastern section. This section covers 65 kilometers, stretching from the Gaindakot-based Narayani Bridge to Daunne. Khanal shared that blacktopping has been completed on 44 kilometers out of the planned 130 kilometers of both sides of the projected four-lane road.

“Currently, one can travel on the 27-kilometer one-way blacktopped road along this section. Additionally, the base is ready for blacktopping on another 6.6 kilometers,” Khanal stated.

Ashish Thapa Magar, the project chief of the eastern section, noted that the China State Construction Engineering Corporation, the contractor for the project, has plans to continue blacktopping the road. However, no additional work beyond this is expected before the current deadline.

The Narayanghat-Butwal road widening project is a significant infrastructure endeavor aimed at improving connectivity and easing transportation along this crucial route. As the deadline looms, stakeholders and local communities are keenly observing the project’s progress and awaiting its completion.

The Department of Roads and the project management team are under pressure to expedite the remaining work and meet the deadline to avoid further delays. The project’s successful completion is expected to enhance road safety, reduce travel time, and support economic activities in the region.

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Thursday July 4, 2024, 11:38:39 AM |

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