Relentless rains trigger landslides and floods, claiming 83 lives across Nepal

Nepal Police and Nepal Army are conducting a rescue operation.

KATHMANDU: In a devastating wave of disaster-related incidents, relentless rains across Nepal have led to landslides and floods, resulting in the tragic deaths of 83 people. The continuous downpour, which began on June 10, has wreaked havoc across the country, causing widespread destruction and displacement.

Human Toll

The Police Headquarters reported that the fatalities include 33 men, 25 women, and 25 children. Central Police spokesperson and Deputy Inspector General Dan Bahadur Karki confirmed these figures, highlighting the widespread impact on communities. In addition to the fatalities, 106 people have sustained injuries. Among the injured, 51 are men, 36 women, and 19 children. Five people, including three women and two men, remain missing.

Animal Losses and Property Damage

The relentless rains have also taken a toll on livestock, with 384 cattle reported dead. The flooding and landslides have damaged 139 houses and 54 cattle sheds, further exacerbating the losses faced by affected families. Additionally, one school and two government office buildings have been damaged, while 41 bridges have been swept away.

Displacement and Land Buried

A total of 858 families have been displaced due to landslides and flooding. The disasters have submerged 161 houses and buried 116 ropanis of land under debris, causing significant agricultural and property losses.

Police Mobilization and Rescue Efforts

The Nepal Police has mobilized 5,428 personnel to rescue and assist those affected by the disasters. Their efforts have been critical in managing the immediate aftermath and providing relief to the displaced families.

Economic Impact

The continuous rains have triggered 1,028 disaster-related incidents, displacing 2,954 families across the country. The estimated financial loss from these incidents amounts to Rs 107.04 million.

Call for Preparedness and Relief

The recent disasters underscore the need for enhanced preparedness and responsive measures to mitigate the impacts of such natural calamities. The authorities are working to provide immediate relief and support to the affected communities, but the scale of the disaster calls for a coordinated and sustained response to rebuild and recover from the extensive damage.

As the monsoon season continues, there is a pressing need for vigilance and preparedness to prevent further loss of life and property. The Nepal Police, along with other disaster management agencies, remains on high alert to respond to any emerging incidents.

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