NRB report: food and beverage inflation at 5.76%, non-food at 2.94%

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KATHMANDU: The year-on-year consumer price inflation in Nepal has moderated to 4.17 percent in mid-June, a significant decrease from 6.83 percent in the same month last year, according to the Current Macroeconomic and Financial Situation Report unveiled by Nepal Rastra Bank (NRB) on Wednesday.

The report highlights that inflation in the food and beverage category stood at 5.76 percent, while non-food and service category inflation was 2.94 percent during the review month.

Under the food and beverage category, the year-on-year price index saw notable increases: vegetables surged by 16.02 percent, pulses and legumes by 11.76 percent, cereal grains and their products by 7.32 percent, sugar and sugar products by 6.98 percent, and non-alcoholic drinks by 5.95 percent. Conversely, the prices of ghee and oil decreased by 5.51 percent.

In the non-food and services category, the prices of miscellaneous goods and services rose by 12.47 percent, education by 5.64 percent, and clothes and footwear by 3.46 percent. The communication sub-category saw a price decrease of 0.48 percent, and transportation decreased by 0.18 percent.

Regionally, the Kathmandu Valley experienced consumer price inflation of 4.25 percent, down from 7.19 percent last year. The Terai region saw a price hike of 3.82 percent compared to 6.93 percent, the hilly region had inflation of 4.63 percent down from 6.28 percent, and the mountain region saw inflation of 4.77 percent, compared to 6.39 percent a year ago.

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