Samsung launches ‘Ultimate Private Mode’ for your Smartphone

KATHMANDU: Samsung, India’s most trusted and desired smartphone brand, has launched a new ‘Make for India’ innovation called AltZLife that will further enhance your smartphone privacy level.

The feature has been developed following deep consumer insights that smartphone users are seeking greater privacy, as they transition into an enhanced digital life using their mobile devices.

Samsung smartphone users can quickly and easily switch between normal mode and private mode (Secure Folder) by simply double clicking on the power key. The on-device AI function also intelligently suggests moving private content to the Secure Folder.

The AltZLife feature will be available to existing as well as new users of Galaxy A71 and Galaxy A51 through a software update on August 10, 2020.

“An industry first innovation, this intelligent feature has been designed keeping in mind the inherent need of consumers, especially Gen Z, for enhanced privacy when it comes to storage and access of content on their smartphones. This helps eliminate the anxiety that consumers usually face while also sharing their smartphones with someone,” Manu Sharma, Senior Director, Mobile Business, Samsung India, said.

According to a research conducted by Samsung, 79% of Gen Z consumers admit to having content such as images, applications and private chats on their smartphones that they do not want family or others to see. In addition to this, they also want to hide the fact that they have things they do not want to share.


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