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“We Nepalis are no stranger to adversities, we’ve seen and faced them in many forms, be it the armed conflict, the earthquake, the blockade, and numerous others. We’ve fought them and have always come back stronger. The ongoing Corona pandemic is no exception, either. We will go through this too, we are one resilient nation,” says Saurabh Jyoti, Chairman of Syakar Trading Company, the authorized distributor of Honda automobiles and the Director of Jyoti Group of Companies.
According to him, the pandemic could prove to be a turning point for us if we act in time. “It could be an opportunity for us to be self-reliant if we focus more on our strengths rather than weaknesses. We might have to live with many more crises in the future, but we need to focus on solutions rather than the problems’, says the young tycoon with determination.

Business Philosophies
According to Saurabh Jyoti, all his businesses are guided by the philosophies and principles of his grandfather Maniharsha Jyoti, the visionary industrialist and businessman behind the inception of the Group. “As we are a Buddhist family, we strongly believe in the virtues of the Panchsheel. All in our family were taught to be kind and humble since an early age. Transparency, doing ethical business, and giving back to the society is deep-rooted in all of us,” says he, adding “Jyoti group doesn’t solely focus on growing its businesses, we focus more on inclusive growth. We’re equally responsible for our employees, our customers, society, and nation as a whole. Creating jobs, maintaining transparency, paying taxes, and ultimately contributing to the economy are our core business values.”

Saurabh Jyoti was born in Kathmandu in the year 1974. He did his primary schooling in Kathmandu and went to St. Josephs College in Darjeeling in grade 3. The rest of his education was completed there, and he graduated in Industrial Engineering and Management from Bangalore. “I grew up in a joint family, and it was fun growing up with many cousins. It was a happy and fun growing environment, but it wasn’t very extravagant or lavish as people would imagine,” recalls Saurabh Jyoti.
Filled with new energy and passion, he returned to Nepal after graduating to look after his family business in 1999. He made his start by joining the marketing team of Himal Iron and steel Pvt Ltd., the first and oldest steel mill of Nepal. Then he started looking after the then Himal Ceramics factory and Himal Oxygen. Gradually, he started evolving his businesses, and in the year 2005, he began to look after Honda two-wheelers and 4-wheelers, one of the Group’s most prominent companies.
The Group was more focused on industries at that time. However, with time, it has diversified and now has grown into trading and service sectors like hydropower, tourism, and health. The somewhat recent venture of the Group, White Hat, is a digital marketing company that looks after SEO optimization courses, logistics, and e-commerce.
“As I was born and brought up in a business environment, doing business was ingrained in me since my formative years, so I joined the family business by choice. I felt that the opportunity was there for me, and there was the responsibility of taking care of the business as well. I didn’t have any thoughts other than taking care of the family business, it was a natural progression,” says Jyoti.

The Future
Saurabh Jyoti says that though many perceive Jyoti Group to be only a trading house, the Group primarily evolved out of industries. “My grandfather was a pioneer of industries in Nepal, industries are the roots of Jyoti Group, and we are further strengthening these roots in the days to come. We are looking at the feasibility of a Honda motorcycle assembly plant in Nepal itself. We will be setting up a few FMCG industries as well shortly,” informs he.

Saurabh Jyoti holds that the business sector in Nepal hasn’t enjoyed the respect, the security, and the goodwill it deserves from the state, and up to some extent, from the common people. “Private sector is and has been the backbone of the nation; we are job creators, wealth generators, we drive the economy forward. That is why we are continuously lobbying with the government for the private sector’s recognition and security, security not just in terms of investment, but also in terms of stable policies and regulation so that we can be more self-reliant” explains Jyoti.

Jyoti is involved with various business organizations and fraternities like FNCCI, NADA, NICCI, NYEF, and many others through which he advocates for stable policies, conducive atmosphere for business and investment and promoting entrepreneurship. “We all should have clarity about where our economy is heading, and identifying our nation’s priority sectors is a crucial challenge. We should be able to create enough jobs for the youth who are going abroad for employment. We have to create an environment where people can come back and work, grow their businesses and foster entrepreneurship. Again, it’s not just for my business, but for the betterment of Nepal’s entire business environment and economy. I devote a certain amount of my time with various organization for the purpose,” says he.

Words of Advice
“Though having a dream is imperative, solely dreaming will not get you anywhere. New entrepreneurs need to do a lot of study on their business model, and there should be research on whether there is a market for the business. The trend of following trends without any due diligence and knowing the feasibility is the reason for failure for many businesses lately. It would be best if you have a concrete plan to manifest your dream into reality,” argues Jyoti.

Personal Aspects
Though many people perceive Saurabh Jyoti to be a solemn person, he says he is actually not. “I love to travel, I love music and movies, and I love to spend time with my family and kids,” says he. People know a lot about his passion for motorbikes and his collection of over 50 motorbikes, but many do not know about his fascination with comics and superheroes. “I grew up reading Marvel and DC comics, and it’s more like a culture for me. I am fascinated by virtues that lie in the superheroes, the power to do good for others, and I try to follow that in my life. My superheroes have taught me virtues like strength, kindness, perseverance, and overall love for humanity,” shares he.

In Saurabh Jyoti’s own words, now its high time for the old and obsolete leadership to change, and for the youth to take over and decide the future they want for themselves. “It is not going to happen if we rely on the older generation. The youth need to take the lead and bring about the change; they need to come to the forefront and build the future they want to see, as it is their future, not just in business but in every sector. The youth needs to shoulder the responsibility of building the nation and harness the enormous investment and growth opportunity that lies in our nation,” opines the young magnate.

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