Tea farmers assured of minimum price

KATHMANDU: Suryodaya Municipality has made a commitment to provide the minimum price of green tea to farmers who have been protesting stating that they have not received the price set as per law.

The famers have not been paid the price of tea according to the criteria set by the municipality. According to the ‘Quality Tea Production Standards Implementation Procedure-2075’ prepared by the municipality, the minimum price has been set at Rs 40 per kg, however, they were not paid the pledged amount under the pretext of the coronavirus pandemic.

Chief of the municipality, Rana Bahadur Rai, has assured the farmers of providing the price as per the work procedure in coordination with the industrialists. “Since, the municipality is in favor of the farmers, I am committed to providing the minimum price to the farmers from the industrialists in any way,” said Rai, adding, “I urge the farmers not to be discouraged.”

More than 655 farmers of Suryodaya Municipality are involved in tea farming as the main cash crop but are most often not paid the minimum price by the industrialists who keep ignoring the criteria set by the municipality.

Farmers had started their agitation from the first week of July. Since the problem was not addressed for a long time, they have continued with their protest.

“We don’t have exact figures of how many companies have not provided the set price but most of them are hesitant to do so and farmers are being deprived of their rights, “said Rai.


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Wednesday September 16, 2020, 12:51:29 PM |

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