Tourism activities resume in Pokhara

KATHMANDU: After nearly six months, tourism activities in Pokhara, one of the tourism hubs in the country, have finally resumed.
The Pokhara Tourism Council informed that hotels, restaurants, travel, trekking and other tourist activities in Pokhara came into operation from September 18 following a resumption notice issued by the District Administration Office, Kaski, on September 17.

Welcoming the government’s decision to allow the resumption of public vehicles, domestic flights and tourist vehicles, the council decided to resume all tourist activities in Pokhara including hotels, restaurants, trekking, travel and other activities by complying with all safety standards set by the World Health Organization and the Nepal Tourism Board.

“The resumption of tourist activities is a big relief for the Nepalese tourism sector that was drastically affected along with the global tourism industry by the COVID-19 pandemic and the travel restrictions that had been imposed to contain the spread of the virus,” reads the statement issued by the council.

Pokhara Tourism Council is an umbrella organization of the institutions working for the development, promotion and protection of tourism in Pokhara.

According to the council, while other businesses are growing gradually after the government lifted the lockdown and prohibitory orders, tourism activities have been started to keep the tourism market afloat till things get better.

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Wednesday September 23, 2020, 02:33:45 PM |

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