Energy minister directs NEA to solve power outage problem immediately

KATHMANDU: Minister for Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation, Barshaman Pun, has directed Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) to immediately solve the problem in the power distribution system due to the bad weather in the last few days.

Summoning NEA’s Acting Managing Director, Lekhanath Koirala, and over half a dozen deputy executive directors for a meeting on Thursday, the minister has directed them to immediately resolve the issue of power supply.

He instructed Koirala to work with full authority and immediately inform Pun in case of any major problem.

“The public are our customers. So, please address their grievances immediately,” said Pun, adding, “We should not take the complaints negatively. Let’s work in a way so that we can address their problems as soon as possible by keeping in mind that it is their right to get regular electricity supply.”

Citing that some people have started questioning on the intention of the government, the ministry and NEA by linking the power outages with the vacant post of the managing director at NEA, Minister Pun said they have to respond through action.

“There have been some natural, some unnatural and some planned complaints against the government, ministries and authorities. We have to work honestly while respecting the legitimate and natural complaints,” he said. “The doubts that people have against us need to be cleared through our actions.”

Since electricity is integral to the lives of the public, NEA has a sensitive role to play and it should not delay even for a minute when it comes to regular and reliable power supply to the people, the minister added. Reminding the NEA authorities present in the meeting about the ongoing online classes that students have been taking, he said that power outage affects their education too. In such a situation, he directed the authority to conduct direct or indirect conversation with the public.

Meanwhile, Koirala informed the minister that the problem of power cuts had occurred due to the bad weather in the last few days and that the problem would be resolved as soon as the weather improves. “Our staffs have worked overnight in the Khokana area of Lalitpur and in the Grande Hospital area of Kathmandu to restore power,” he stated.

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