21 more Nepalis die abroad from Covid this week

KATHMANDU: The global epidemic of corona virus (COVID 19) has confirmed that 21 more Nepalis have died on different dates this week.

According to the Non-Resident Nepali Association, five people were killed in Kuwait, 14 in Saudi Arabia, one in the UAE and one in Uganda. According to NRNA, 265 Nepalis living in 17 countries have died due to corona virus infection so far.
As per the data collected by the Health Committee under the Non-Resident Nepali Association, 38,848 Nepalis in 42 countries have been infected with the corona virus till 26 September.

Of them, 35,078 have been freed from Corona infection. This is 92 percent of the total infected. According to the NRNA health committee Coordinator Dr. Sanjeev Sapkota, Nepalese living in Portugal, UK, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE and USA have been infected with the corona virus this week.

78,343 Nepalese rescued from abroad

According to the NRN, rescue work is underway for Nepalis stranded abroad due to the global lockdown following the corona virus infection, stranded with relatives and unable to return home due to various other reasons. So far, 78,343 Nepalis stranded in 32 different countries were rescued from abroad through a joint initiative of the Non-Resident Nepali Association, embassies and missions of the Government of Nepal.

Similarly, distribution of relief work is being continued to Nepalese affected by the corona in different countries. According to the association’s treasurer Mahesh Shrestha, the NRNA last week provided support to pregnant women and children in Kuwait, the UAE, and also has distributed over 7,200 food packages in collaboration with Qatar Charity and Qatar Red Cross. NRNA had earlier provided about 22 million rupees worth of health items to the Government of Nepal.ch news.

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