Google Meet to limit video call time to one hour for users of free version after September 30

KATHMANDU: Tech giant Google’s video chat platform Google Meet has announced that its free version of the Meet platform will be limited to only one hour after September 30.

Google had launched the free Meet service for all Gmail users from May considering the increasing demand for video conferencing apps amid the lockdown and travel restrictions that were imposed to curb the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. However, the free service will be available only till the end of this month.

Speaking to tech portal, The Verge, Google confirmed that it was not making any changes to the Meet promo, or advanced features. So, after the deadline is over, things are going to go back to the way they were before the extension.

In its drive to push Meet, Google had extended access to advanced features for G Suite and G Suite for Education customers. This will also end on September 30.

Earlier, anyone with a Google account could organize free meetings with up to 100 people and there was no time limit. Under the extension, users could arrange meetings with up to 250 participants and conduct live-streaming with up to 100,000 people within a single domain. The service also enabled the users to store the recordings of their meeting in Google Drive.

In order to access these features, users will have to pay for the enterprise level of G Suite which costs $25 per user every month.

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