NEA requests consumers to make regular payments by October 8

KATHMANDU: Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has requested consumers whose meter reading has been missed for the month of September to make their bill payments on time.

Stating that the authority’s meter reading and billing service for the month came to a halt in most of the parts of the country due to the risk of the COVID-19, the authority made an announcement that it will levy five percent fine for late payments and offer discounts for timely payments as per the rule related to making advance payments of bills.

NEA has said that it will not levy any additional charge on customers who pay their bills by October 8. Those who pay their bills from October 9 to 16 will be fined up to five percent. If any consumer has already paid an additional fee while paying the bill for the month of September, then the amount will be adjusted in the next bill.

Since the meter reading service has been affected, many customers are in a dilemma regarding payment of electricity bills. So the authority has urged customers to read the meter by browsing the linkhttp:s// in order to get their meter reading done.

Customers can dial the hotline number 1150 to note down their meter reading number after which they can pay the amount by visiting the respective NEA counter. They can also make online payments.

NEA has also requested customers who do not get their bills to consult the concerned distribution center or call the meter reading number of the center and make the payment after getting a photocopy of the bill.

Customers can also make advance payments based on their consumption and for such customers the authority has said it will provide discounts as per its rule.

NEA has also urged consumers to view the information and regulations related to electricity at

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