Task force says there is possibility of opening chemical fertilizer plant in Nepal

KATHMANDU: The task force that was formed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development (MoALD) to find out the possibility of opening a chemical fertilizer plant in Nepal has submitted its study which states that there is a possibility of doing so.

The task force which was formed under the coordination of Secretary at the MoALD, Rajendra Prasad Bhari, submitted its preliminary study report to Agriculture Minister Ghanashyam Bhusal on Thursday.

The preliminary report states that it is possible to open a chemical fertilizer plant in the country. However, it has mentioned that further study is required for a detailed report regarding the technology that needs to be used.

The report has suggested that it would be appropriate to adopt biomass gasification and hybrid technology of hydropower to set up a urea plant immediately. Since the country is generating enough hydropower electricity at the moment, the task force has stated that the aforementioned technology could be feasible as the price of electricity has declined considerably.

The report pointed out the need to have further discussions with concerned technical experts to conduct a study to find out which technology would be suitable to set up a urea manufacturing unit. It further stated that discussions with technical experts were necessary also to conduct a proper economic analysis.

Acknowledging the report, Minister Bhusal said that the ministry has now formally accepted the idea of opening a chemical fertilizer factory in the country. “We will now have further discussions with concerned stakeholders and technical experts regarding the establishment of a chemical fertilizer plant in Nepal,” he said, adding, “We will soon come to a positive conclusion on the issue.”

Minister Bhusal further said that the cost of setting up the factory is likely to be lower than in the past because of the rapid development in technology within the last few years.

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