DoTM likely resume trial exam after Tihar in Bagmati Province

KATHMANDU: The trial examination for driving license, which was halted across the country for around eight months due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, is going to start after Tihar.

The Department of Transport Management (DoTM) and Bagmati provincial transport office are making necessary preparations to resume trial examination for driving license test after Tihar.

Although other government services from vehicle tax payment, renewal service were resumed from last September, it was uncertain about the resumption of the trial exam, written test and application open for new license.

Since it has been a long time to halt those services, the department decided to start trial examination amid the pandemic by adopting alternative measures.

Director General of the department, Er Gogan Kumar Hamal, said that it has been consulting with the concerned authorities to discuss how to manage the service properly for resuming after a long time. He added that resuming the service doesn’t mean just opening a license trial, it is also concerned with health care and safety as well.

Usually in the transportation sector, there used to be more crowds of people especially while applying for a license, attending written exams and trial exams. So, the department is discussing providing the service safely by managing the crowd and following safety standards.

According to Hamal, the trial exam will be run with a new standard framework. For this, the department is also discussing with various authorities, traffic police, state transport offices and stakeholders.

The department has already completed printing the earlier pending smart licenses. It has been saying that one should not have to wait for a long time for a license once the application for a new license and trial exam is opened.

The department has planned to implement a quota system in all license applications even if applying through online.

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