76 percent of population has access to broadband internet

KATHMANDU: Access to broadband internet has reached 76.58 percent of the country’s population till mid-September this year, as per the latest MIS report of Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA).

Majority of the population (16.8 million) are found using mobile internet. Among mobile internet users, 11.02 million users are using 3G while only 5.5 million are using 4G service.

Similarly, 5.8 million people are using fixed broadband internet whereas 918,000 people are using ADSL internet of Nepal Telecom while 4.9 million people are using internet of private internet service providers (ISPs).

The number of people utilizing wireless fixed broadband is 200,000 while 138,000 are using internet via radio wi-fi. Similarly, there are almost 200,000 internet users of Smart Telecom. In terms of service providers, there are 11.4 million broadband internet users of Nepal Telecom and Ncell has 6.5 million users while other private ISPs have almost 4.8 million users.

The Broadband Policy defines broadband internet as a minimum download speed of 512 kb per second in the context of Nepal and 10 mb per second in urban areas.

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Sunday November 22, 2020, 12:12:45 PM |

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