‘Voters will vote for my experience and time I can allocate for FNCCI’

KATHMANDU: : With the election of the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI) just around the corner, candidates are busy in the last round of publicity and election campaign.

Candidates are contacting voters with their agenda which is more or less the same – to work for the betterment of FNCCI, private sector and the economy. Industrialists and business people are especially divided into two factions, which are captained by candidates vying for the post of senior vice-president post at the federation – Kishore Pradhan and Chandra Dhakal.

With the FNCCI election fever heating up, Pradhan shares a few points on why voters have been favoring and should favor him. In Pradhan’s own words:

1. The private sector is undergoing its worst time due to the COVID-led crisis today. In such a context, the FNCCI leadership should be experienced and able to allocate ample time for the organization.

Giving enough time to the organization, the future leadership in the organization should work in close coordination with the government to address key issues being faced by the business community today.

I believe that I can give ample time at FNCCI compared to my competitor who leads multiple businesses and cannot allocate necessary time for FNCCI.

2. Experience matters everywhere. In a bid to lead any organization, its leadership should be well aware of the organization’s legacy, inception and the plight of businesses of all types.

I have been associated with FNCCI for the past 28 years and am well aware about the gaps that need to be bridged which is lacking in my competitor.

3. I do not have any individual interest to go and lead FNCCI. I will work for the best interest of the business community and the economy.

4. The person leading the federation should be someone who is aware of the aspirations of district and municipal members. I have already led the district and municipal chapter as vice president.

5. I am in the field with a strong panel that comprises of reputed and experienced business people and industrialists backing me.

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