Locals warn obstructing Nagdhunga-Sisnekhola tunnel works

KATHMANDU: As soon as the construction of Nagdhunga-Sisnekhola tunnel started, locals on the Kathmandu side of the project have started obstructing the work of the project seeking a dozen of their demand to be fulfilled.

A team led by Chairman of Chandragiri Municipality-2, Gopi Surkheti, submitted a memorandum on Sunday warning to stop the construction work if their demand is not addressed, according to the Nagdhunga-Sisnekhola Tunnel Project.

“Our demands must be addressed. If the project cannot do so, it should be addressed from a higher body,” said Surkheti.

As per him, if the demand is not addressed within few days they will obstruct the project announcing series of protest programmes.

The ward covers 98 percent of the land above the tunnel. Locals have submitted a memorandum with eight-point demand, including compensation for the land above the tunnel.

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Monday January 4, 2021, 11:36:33 AM |

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