Safer Internet Day 2021 being celebrated in Nepal

KATHMANDU: The Safer Internet Day 2021 will be celebrated on 9 February 2021 in Nepal and over 170 countries to promote a safer internet for children and young people with a theme, “Together for a better Internet” to raise awareness on online risks for children and young people and in protecting children and young people online.

ChildSafeNet, a specialised organisation working to protect children and young people online, has been hosting and promoting the day in Nepal since 2019. Every year, the Safer Internet Day is celebrated globally in February to promote the safe and positive use of digital technology for children and young people and develop synergy among organisations working with and for children.

According to Anil Raghuvanshi, founder/president of ChildSafeNet, a National Coordination Committee has been formed to promote the Safer Internet Day 2021 in Nepal. The Committee is composed of ChildSafeNet as the secretariat, and Nepal Police Cyber Bureau, UNICEF, Plan International Nepal, Yuwalaya, CWIN-Nepal, Saathi, ActionAid Nepal, Veda Creative Organization, Loo Niva Child Concern Group, Umbrella Organization Nepal and Child Watabaran Center as the members.

Raghuvanshi said, “This day also provides the government, police and law practitioners an opportunity to reinforce implementation of the cyber safety policy and enhance legal protection, particularly in the context of COVID-19 pandemic.”

Child rights organisations are planning to organise cyber safety awareness activities to promote a safer and a better internet for children and young people, which include production and dissemination of appeal videos, podcasts, YouTube vlogs, social media posts, digital posters and other child-friendly multimedia communication materials. Besides, cyber safety training sessions, panel discussions with cyber safety and child rights workers, parents, children and young people are planned. Although the main event will be organised on 9 February 2021, cyber safety awareness raising activities will be conducted throughout the year.

On behalf of the Committee, ChildSafeNet appealed children, young people, parents, schools, colleges, government, police, law practitioners, private sector, private sector, NGOs, INGOs, UN agencies, media and other duty-bearers to promote and support the Safer Internet Day 2021 and make the internet a safer and a better place for children and young people.

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