India endorses necessary procedure allowing Nepal to export its surplus electricity

KATHMANDU: India has endorsed the Procedure for Approval and Facilitating Import/Export (Cross Border) of Electricity, paving way for Nepal to export surplus energy to the southern neighbor.

Endorsing of this procedure by the Indian government ensures the implementation of different laws to trade electricity from India’s neighboring countries including Nepal.

Nepal and India entered into a Power Trade Agreement in 2014. However, implementation of the agreement was delaying due to lack of necessary laws.

The enforced law talks about providing energy trade access to India and its neighbouring countries through bilateral agreements at government level, through bidding route, through mutual agreements between entities or tripartite agreements. Also, it facilitates cross-border trade of electricity in a manner that ensures reliable, secure and stable operation of the interconnected grid and does not jeopardize grid security at any point of time.

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Sunday February 28, 2021, 12:36:52 PM |

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