22,000 metric tonnes of fertilizer purchased from Bangladesh arrives Kolkata

KATHMANDU: The first phase of urea fertilizer procured by the government from Bangladesh has reached Kolkata port. Gentrad FZF, a company from the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has brought 22,000 metric tonnes of fertilizer from a Bangladeshi factory to Kolkata, as stated by Agricultural Inputs Company Limited.

Earlier it has been said that in the first phase, 20,000 metric tonnes of fertilizer will be brought, but 22,000 metric tonnes of fertilizer has been brought. According to AICL the capacity of the ship was 22,000 tonnes thus the company has allowed to brought 22,000 tonnes of fertilizer to Kolkata in the first phase. As per the company, the fertilizer will arrive in Nepal next Friday.

According to AICL, 22,000 tonnes of fertilizer brought from Bangladesh will be distributed in Biratnagar, Birgunj and Bhairahawa.

The Government of Nepal had signed a ‘G2G’ agreement with the Government of Bangladesh for the purchase of 50,000 tonnes of urea fertilizer. Of the 50,000 tonnes, 22,000 tonnes have been lined up in the first phase. AICL has stated that the process of bringing another 27,000 tonnes of Fertiliser will be starting soon.

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