Over three million Nepalis have Demat accounts, only 20% are active in secondary market

KATHMANDU: There are over three million Demat accounts opened so far with rising craze to fill primary share of companies, but, interestingly, only 20 percent of these investors are active in the secondary market, as per Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse).

Statistics maintained by CDS and Clearing Limited shows that there are a total of 30,61,668 citizens in Nepal who have a Demat account.

As per Nepse, only 5,94,879 active clients of 50 licensed broker companies are active in the secordary market while a huge number of investors have opened Demat accounts with the intention only to fill IPO of companies.

Among different broker companies, Naasa Securities Co. Ltd. has the most 31,184 active clients while Sagarmatha Securities Private Limited has the least 4,020 active clients.

Of total active clients of broker companies, 37.41% use the online platform actively.

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Sunday March 7, 2021, 11:25:38 AM |

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