Govt allows NT to test transmit 5G service in Nepal

KATHMANDU: The government has allowed Nepal Telecom (NT) to test 5G mobile internet service in the country.

The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology (MoICT) informed that NT has been allowed to test and introduce 5G internet service in the country. It is up to Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) to designate necessary frequency for NT to execute 5G service in Nepal.

5G is a high speed internet service offering 1Gbps internet speed.

So far, 2G, 3G and 4G internet services are available in Nepal. The latest one, 4G internet service, was launched in Nepal in 2016. It was NT that introduced 4G service for the first time in the country. Later on, private telecom company Ncell also launched the service.

Today, 4G service has reached across all 77 districts and both NT and Ncell are injecting huge resources to ensure availability of 4G internet service to every parts of the country.

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Monday March 29, 2021, 11:58:01 AM |

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