Telecommunication sector contributing 1.47 percent to GDP

KATHMANDU:  Telecommunication sector is contributing 1.47 percent to Nepal’s gross domestic product (GDP), as per Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS).

At an interaction program organized by Sejon on contribution of the telecom sector to the economy, Ishwori Prasad Bhandari, director at CBS, informed that telecommunication industry has been contributing 1.47 percent in the country’s GDP.

As per him, the ICT sector, including telecommunication sector has 2.22 percent contribution to the GDP while telecommunication industry alone contributes 1.47 percent.

In the last fiscal year alone, contribution of the telecom sector to the GDB was more than Rs 51 billion while ICT sector, including telecom industry contributed Rs 77 billion to the economy. Min Prasad Aryal, director at NTA stated that the telecom sector contributes around 2-3 percent to the national economy.

As per him, major telecom service providers have paid more than Rs 28.42 billion to the government for telecommunication service charges, VAT and other taxes in the last fiscal year.


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Sunday April 18, 2021, 11:07:20 AM |

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