Finance Minister Poudel directs custom offices to facilitate import of medical goods

KATHMANDU: Finance Minister Bishnu Poudel has directed all related agencies to expedite and facilitate the customs clearance of health items, equipment and medicines related to the prevention, treatment and control of COVID-19.

Addressing a virtual program, Minister Poudel instructed the director general, deputy director general of the Department of Customs, heads of various Customs Offices to check the import of oxygen, oxygen cylinder, oxygen plant and its parts by governments, NGOs and private sector and facilitate their entry without any hassle.

Poudel also directed agencies to provide daily information including the results and prices of the items imported for the treatment of Covid-19.

Finance Secretary Shishir Kumar Dhungana also directed Custom Offices to issue and implements a brief procedure on customs clearance of materials related to prevention, control and treatment of COVID-19.

Yamlal Bhusal, Director General of the Customs Department, informed that the department has formed a quick response team to facilitate the supply of essential items.

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Monday May 17, 2021, 04:46:56 PM |

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