NT’s free telephone service to medical staffs

KATHMANDU: Nepal Telecom (NT) has brought Thank You Healthcare Worker Offer in appreciation of the health professionals for their relentless service in the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

Under this offer, all of the health care workers including doctors, nurses will get one month of free unlimited calls.

For this, NT inked an agreement with the representatives from Nepal Medical Council, Nepal Nursing Council, Nepal Pharmacy Council, Nepal Health Professionals Council, Nepal Ayurvedic Medical Council.

The offer will allow health professionals free voice calls for a month within its network and is applicable on both prepaid and postpaid plans. However, the rental charge on postpaid SIM will remain intact. Health professionals will acquire this offer after their concerned councils provide their names and contacts on their official application with the letterhead.

The service will be available only to the professionals who have SIM on their own names. On the contrary, NT has provisioned that health professionals could submit an application with their council’s official letter pad to receive a dedicated SIM card. Similarly, health professionals can choose to obtain a SIM through their council’s ID card.

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Monday May 24, 2021, 09:44:49 AM |

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