Upper Tamakoshi successfully tests electricity generation, to start 76MW generation soon

KATHMANDU: Despite some problem in Adit gates, the Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower Project have utilized water head of 700+ m and 4000+m tunnel water to start Unit no 1’s mechanical wet test of the hydel project.

The wet test started from 29 May 2021 and that the project could spin at its rated speed at 600 rpm. “It is one of the successful event of testing and hope to continue with our successful endeavors. Thanks to all Andritz’s Testing and Commissioning Team and our consultant team JV Norconsult As- Lahmeyer Int,” said Bigyan Shrestha, managing director of the project.

Earlier in April end, the reservoir of the 456 MW Upper Tamakoshi Hydropower Project – a national pride project—had been filled and water from the reservoir had been released in the tunnel. The project had filled the dam with water for the main tunnel and penstock test.

The project has started preparations to generate 76 MW of electricity from the first unit by mid-May. He said that the work of penstock connection in the vertical tunnel and lower vertical tunnel is in the final stage.

Successful technical testing of hydro-mechanical equipment such as dams, intakes and other civil structures including gates and stop-lugs has been successfully completed in the reservoirs and descender ponds.

The project will generate 2.28 billion units of electricity annually. The project will earn Rs 9 billion annually from the sale of electricity. The project was estimated the initial cost of Rs 35 billion but due to various factors, including earthquake, border blockade, among other have tend to increase the project cost to nearly Rs 80 billion.



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