Bank and financial institution workers warn of protest against SSF

KATHMANDU: Banks and financial institutions (BFIs) workers have warned of a strike against the contribution-based Social Security Fund (SSF) in case their concerns are not addressed.

Workers in the banking sector, financial institutions, and insurance companies recently issued a joint statement on requesting the SSF to address their concerns.

They have been protesting against the provision in joining SSF and have demanded to make participation in the fund voluntary.

“The mandatory participation provision in the SSF has given us psychological pressure. We cannot participate in the SSF under current condition,” reads their press statement, adding, “We will be compelled to stage against SSF if we are given further pressure to join it.”

If the government wants them to join SSF, workers in the BFIs sector have said that the government should first  guarantee that the services provided to them at present will not be reduced.


Fiscal Nepal |
Sunday June 27, 2021, 12:01:25 PM |

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