SSF urge BFI workers to join the social security scheme without delay

KATHMANDU: The Social Security Fund has urged not to be confused about joining the Social Security Fund and asked workers in the banks and financial institutions (BFIs) to join the fund in time.

Executive Director of the SSF Kapil Mani Gyawali said that they are ready to hold further discussions and amend existing provisions after the banking sector refused their participation in the fund.

Corporate, bank and financial sector workers, especially those with good pay, have been protesting against the social security fund. “Banks and financial institutions should participate in the fund. We will resolve the issue through discussion.”

So far, a total of 14,580 employers and 251,292 contributors have joined the fund. Out of which, Rs. 6.39 billion has been deposited in the fund so far. The drug treatment, health and maternity protection scheme run by the same fund has spent Rs 39.1 million on accidents and disability schemes for 2,047 contributors. Similarly, 116.2 million claims have been paid from the fund under other headings as well.

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Tuesday June 29, 2021, 10:24:55 AM |

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