Services from land revenue offices goes online across the country

KATHMANDU: The Land Revenue Office, which keeps records of citizens’ real estate details, has entered the online era from the paperwork system. The online system has been fully implemented in the Land Revenue Offices across the country from Wednesday.

The ‘Land Records Information Management System’ (LRIMS), which was started six years ago from the Land Revenue Office of Kalanki, has been implemented in all 118 Land Revenue Offices from Wednesday.

Shesh Narayan Poudel, Director General of the Department of Land Management and Records, said that the online system has been implemented in the remaining eight offices as well. A virtual land records information management system has been launched at Dolpa, Mugu, Rukum West, Manang, Rupandehi, Gulmi, Gorkha and Khotang land revenue offices.

According to Poudel, the Land Revenue Administration has entered the digital age as soon as the Land Revenue Office, which has been running the paperwork, went online.

“As the Land Revenue Offices are switched to digital syatem, the general public will soon be able to view the details of their real estate on the mobile app,” said Poudel, adding “now we will connect our system to the citizen app.”

“Now real estate property owner can see their details, land freeze details, revenue from the Nagarik app.” Even now, in some districts, the facility to view your real estate details online has not been effective.
In 2010, the government has introduced the online system, which was launched for the first time at the Land Revenue Office, Kalanki.

Poudel said that the online system has been a historic achievement in the Land Revenue Administration.
He further said that with the online system, there is no possibility of deceiving the employees and now they can do business in one district and in another district.

The department has stated that the service will be simplified and records will be safe and organized after the implementation of online system in all the land revenue across the country.

The details of the work to be done in all the districts will be stored in the central server, which will keep in Kathmandu. This will secure the records of public property, where all the information had kept.

As the online system shows the details of tax and revenue, now, no one can evade capital gains tax and registration fee of the real estate transaction, said Poudel.

Earlier, some people kept more land than the demarcation by cheating the landlord, as of now, the land revenue officials across the country will be able to look-after the entire system.

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