PM Deuba assures to facilitate private sector investment in the country

KATHMANDU: Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba has assured that government will facilitate the private sector’s investment promotion in the country.

During a meeting with the Confederation of Nepalese Industries delegation on Monday, PM Deuba expressed his view that the private sector increases their investment for the country’s industrial development, adding that he was ready to facilitate this.

“Our party has always promoted the private sector. We are ready for policy-level facilitation needed for you,” Deuba said.

Similarly, Deuba said that ‘Make in Nepal-Swadeshi’ campaign could become a tool to bring about quality changes in Nepal’s economy. Deuba was of the view that the campaign would play a crucial role in increasing production and consumption.

Likewise, PM Deuba said that the government has made all mechanisms to combat the crises resulted due to COVID-19. “The crisis created by COVID-19 is the greatest challenge (of the time).”

Extending congratulations to Deuba on his appointment as the PM, CNI President Satish Kumar Moore urged for policy-level facilitation to create an environment conducive for investment promotion. “We are effortful to make Nepal’s import-based economy as the production-based,” Moore shared.

Outgoing President of CNI Hari Bhakta Sharma, senior vice-president Bishnu Kumar Agrawal and other office-bearers of the CNI were present at the meeting held in the Office of the Prime Minister and Council of Ministers.

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