Investment commitment in 2020-21 declines by 15.29 percent

KATHMANDU: Foreign investment pledges in the country is seen hit by the Covid-19 pandemic, shows statistics of the government.

While compared to the 2076-77, the foreign investment commitment in the last Fiscal Year 2077-78 has declined by 15.29 percent. That year, the pledged investment was Rs 32.02 billion whereas in 2076-77, such investment commitment was Rs 37.80 billion. Along with the proposed foreign investment, the number of registered industries has also declined. Only 183 industries were registered in the last fiscal year compared to 344 in the previous fiscal year.

A total of 203 industries have been registered with combined domestic and foreign investment worth Rs 156.64 billion. Of these, 183 are industries with foreign investment. A total of 277 industries were registered in the previous fiscal year, with an investment commitment of Rs 152.62 billion. Among them, 223 industries were backed by foreign investors.

According to the Department of Industry, investment commitments in 2075/76 and 2074/75 were higher than in the last two fiscal years. Domestic and foreign investment commitments in 2074/75 was Rs. 349 billion, while foreign investment commitment was also significant.

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Thursday July 29, 2021, 12:21:22 PM |

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