Israel bound Nepali workers need to pay for flight, health insurance & medical checkup

KATHMANDU: The government has made an announcement that it will send 1,000 Nepalis to Israel under a government-to-government agreement for caregiving jobs.

Meanwhile, each of the workers flying to Israel has to pay more than Rs 165,000 to the government for a flight to their workplace, health insurance, medical checkup among other things.

While the government has been implementing the zero-cost policy in foreign employment and preaching the free visa-free ticket, this time, it has called for the payment by the workers themselves also for air tickets.

And, stakeholders have criticised the decision. “The model of employers bearing all costs of recruitment is getting popular across the world,” foreign employment expert Ganesh Gurung says, “But, Nepal agreeing to make the workers pay is not fair in any way.”

He also maintains that the government, as a regulatory body, should not have involved itself in recruiting the workers directly.

Meanwhile, the Department of Foreign Employment says the model should not be considered problematic as the same was practised while sending workers to South Korea under the Employment Permit System (EPS).

A director of the department, Matrika Sapkota, says the cost, however, may go down later as the airfare might change.

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Sunday August 1, 2021, 11:13:39 AM |

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