Nepal Telecom has not tapped phone calls: MD Adhikari

KATHMANDU: Nepal Telecom (NT) has clarified that the company has not practiced tapping phone calls of its subscribers.

Dilli Adhikari, managing director at NT, while speaking at a press conference organized today, clarified that the company has not tapped the phone calls of any customer. “We have no right to tap anyone’s call and phone taping does not fall under jurisdictions of NT,” said Adhikari.

Recently, there were rumors that NT was tapping the phones of some people under the direction of people at power. Adhikari said that bill on Nepal Special Services, which has a provision for phone tapping in special cases, has been passed by the National Assembly and is under consideration in the House of Representatives.

“If it is mentioned in the law, it will probably fall under the responsibility of the security and investigation body licensed by the country,” he added. “The blame that NT is tapping phone calls is baseless. We don’t even have call tapping equipment.”


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Monday September 6, 2021, 04:13:39 PM |

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