Cross-border petroleum pipeline help NOC save Rs 3 billion in two years

KATHMANDU: Operation of the Nepal-India Cross-Broder Petroleum Pipeline has helped Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) save nearly Rs Rs 3 billion transportation cost in last two years.

Prior to operation of the 79-km Motihari-Amalekhgunj petroleum pipeline, fuel were transported to Nepal solely via tankers. As the result, NOC had to bear huge transportation cost for fuel transportation then.

However, operation of the cross border pipeline has helped the state owned fuel monopoly save huge amount of money, thereby making NOC a financially strong institution.

Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) has been supplying petroleum product via pipeline since September 10, 2019. During this period, NOC informed that it imported 1.61 billion litres of diesel through the pipeline.

NOC Executive Director Surendra Pandey informed that they were able to make the saving by cutting transportation cost and also due to the reduced technical loss.

Following the success of the import of diesel via the pipeline, Pandey said that the process to import petrol and kerosene oil from the same pipeline has been initiated with the support from the IOC.

According to informed sources, the supply of petrol, diesel and kerosene from the same pipeline would begin after one and a half years.

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Friday September 10, 2021, 11:31:45 AM |

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