Ncell launches new thematic campaign #DataSadhaiOn

KATHMANDU: Ncell Axiata Limited announced on Monday that it has launched a new thematic campaign #DataSadhaiOn, focusing on the expansion of the 4G service. The campaign aims to encourage people to be always on and always connected with Ncell 4G to gain benefit from the opportunities that mobile broadband brings.

As a part of its commitment to deliver world-class services and customer experience through the introduction of modern technology and a state-of-art network, the company has already expanded its 4G service to more than two-thirds of the country’s population.

Despite the adversities of the COVID-19 pandemic, Ncell has succeeded in expanding the service to over 550 local levels across the country, making the high-speed wireless broadband easily accessible, and is also widening the 4G network continuously to connect remaining parts of the country.

Increased access to the internet and mobile broadband—4G/LTE has been contributing to shaping digitalization in the country. This pandemic has further necessitated the economies to fast-track digital journey, be less vulnerable and to leverage the power of broadband, and promote a faster and better recovery.

As a key enabler, Ncell remains fully committed to ensure access to high-speed connectivity to people of our communities and contribute to achieving the national goal of Digital Nepal. Those who do not have 4G SIM, can easily get a new one and the customers who are still using 3G SIM can upgrade to 4G for free of cost by visiting nearby Ncell Centre, Ncell Pasal, or any authorized Ncell outlet.

The 4G /LTE offers better bandwidth, enabling customers to use more applications on mobile devices, provides real-time sharing of large files, media streaming, and immediate delivery of time-sensitive data. Besides ensuring upgraded mobile connectivity to customers, LTE technology empowers the ICT industry, technopreneurs, media, and other industries, contributing to put the economy on a higher growth trajectory.

“With the #DataSadhaiOn campaign, Ncell is committed to provide services and offers at affordable rates to assure that the customers are always connected digitally all the time. In line with this thematic campaign, the company will bring attractive consumer-friendly offers, ensuring the benefits of mobile broadband connectivity,” the company said in a statement.

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