Govt to operate fair price outlets across country from September 17

KATHMANDU: The government has announced to operate fair price shops across different places targeting the Dashain-Tihar-Chhath festival from September 1.

From across these stores, customers can purchase food products at up to 20 percent cheaper price. For the purpose, the government has released budget worth Rs 30.15 million.

Each year during the Dashain-Tihar, Salt Trading Corporation Limited (STC), Food Management and Trading Company Limited sells different goods including LPG gas, sugar, rice, lentils, ghee and salt, among others at subsidized rate.

Kumar Rajbhandari, information officer at STC informed that products at these stores will be sold at up to 20 percent discount.

Similarly, Sharmila Neupane, information officer of Food Management and Trading Company Limited, informed that the company will operate such fair price outlets and sell rice, cooking oil, goat and sheep at subsidized rates.

According to Neupane, the company will give discount of Rs 5 per kg on rice and Rs 2 per kg on salt.Urmila KC, assistant spokesperson of the Ministry of Industry, said Rs 15 million has been allocated to STC and Rs 17.5 million to FMTC to run the subsidy store during festivals this year.

FMTC will operate such subsidized stores at Thapathaili, Ramshahpath, Nakkhu and central offices in Kathmandu, while 39 other shops will be operational in 40 districts outside the Kathmandu Valley. So far, STC has decided to set up such outlets in 38 places across the country, including the Kathmandu valley.

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