Govt collects Rs 281.51 billion income tax in 2020-21, Nepse tops the chart

KATHMANDU: The government has collected income tax worth Rs 281.51 billion in 2020-21. Of the total income tax collected in the last fiscal year, 10 large-scale companies paid Rs 45.27 billion, 22.5 percent of the total income tax collected then, as per the Inland Revenue Department (IRD).

Among the highest income tax payers are Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse), telecommunication services, banks and some companies in the manufacturing sector. Nepse is the highest income tax payer company paying Rs 15.66 billion income tax in the last fiscal year.

Similarly, Nepal Telecom (NT), Surya Nepal Pvt. Ltd., Ncell Axiata Limited, Nabil Bank, Nepal Electricity Authority, NIC Asia Bank limited, Global IME Bank, Agricultural Development Bank and Gorkha Brewery are other top tax payers.

As per IRD, Nepal Telecom paid Rs 5.51 billion, Ncell Rs 4.43 billion, Surya Nepal Rs 5.23 billion, Gorkha Brewery Rs 1.88 billion, Nabil Bank Rs 3.20 billion, NIC Asia Rs 2.55 billion, Global IME Bank Rs 2.14 billion and Agricultural Development Bank Rs 1.91 billion income tax in the last fiscal year.

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