Govt promoting policy corruption in awarding Rs100 million projects through mutual cooperation

KATHMANDU: It has been found that the government has promoted policy corruption through the Replacement Bill on budget ordinance. The decision of the government to provide up to Rs 100 million worth project through mutual competitions to consumer committees in the local level is directly a policy corruption.

The government has introduced a policy of giving project up to Rs 100 million to unemployed youths through the Replacement Bill. The so called consumers committee has failed in Nepal as it does not have to have a bank guarantee and does not have to measure work while working through the Consumers’ Committee. It is mentioned that legal arrangements will be made to participate through mutual competition.

At the same time, detailed records of the unemployed youth will be updated and integrated records will be prepared.

Ravi Singh, president of the Federation of Contractors Association of Nepal, said that the decision to give projects of up to Rs 100 million to youths without competition is against the Public Procurement Act. “The government has acted irresponsibly and it is a policy corruption,” he said.

They have demanded the government to immediately repeal the decision saying that it is trying to create crisis in the name of giving project work to the youth without any competition. For this, the federation has officially drawn the attention of the government and warned of agitation if it is not rejected.

“This decision, which is a misuse of state coffers, should not be implemented under any circumstances,” Singh said. “This is the beginning of policy corruption. It should not be implemented under any circumstances.

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Wednesday September 15, 2021, 02:13:39 PM |

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