Veggie price skyrockets ahead of Dashain-Tihar festival

KATHMANDU: As the festive season approaches, price of vegetables have started increasing in the domestic market. Price of majority of vegetables has doubled in a month.

The price of vegetables had come down after the government imposed lockdown to contain spread of the Covid-19. However, with government lifting the ban, veggie price has started soaring in the market.

As per the Kalimati Fruits and Vegetable Development Board, vegetable price has increased by by up to Rs 180 per kg compared to the price recorded during August beginning.

The market price of the potato has gone up to Rs 57 per kg. The price of red potato, which stood at Rs 52.50 per kg on September 20, seems to have gone up by Rs 5 today. The price of red potato (mude) is has remained constant.

The price of Cucumber which was Rs 35 per kg at the beginning of last august is now Rs 45, Hybrid Cucumber at Rs 13 is Rs 23 now, Lemon at Rs 125 is Rs 55, Local French Bean at Rs 35 is Rs 70 now, Hybrid French bean at Rs 35 is Rs 75 now, Garden Cress from Rs 145 to Rs 325, Bitter Gourd from Rs 13 to Rs 95 now, Mustard leaf from Rs 55 to Rs 145.

Similarly, from September 1, the price of Terai Pointed Gourd which was Rs 65 per kg has now been fixed to Rs 75, local Pointed Gourd at Rs 65 per kg to Rs 85, Onion from Rs 110 to Rs220, Stem body from Rs 25 per kg to Rs 75 per kg, Broccoli from Rs 155 to Rs 225, Soybean meal from Rs 75 to Rs 90, Sweet Gourd from Rs 32 to Rs 45, Coriander from Rs 165 to Rs 250, Green chilly from Rs 50 to Rs 75, Lady Finger from Rs 55 to 75.

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