UK’s Coventry University to offer IT Scholarships to Softwarica scholars

KATHMANDU: Softwarica College of IT and E-commerce, an IT college that has been offering higher IT education for 11 years, is offering 100% scholarships to 5 deserving first year students.

Softwarica College is offering courses from the Coventry University of the UK. The college will be offering scholarships worth Rs 450,000 per student, said the campus head Pramod Poudel.

“The scholarships candidates will be selected as per the students’ 10+2 results, extra-curricular activities, discipline, and social behaviors,” he said. Apart from this, the college is also offering 25%-100% scholarships to 51 students from the total of 200 students from every batch.

The college also has established an Innovation Hub for IT students. The director of the college Bigyan Shrestha stated that the main aim of establishing the innovation hub was to encourage the students to innovate together. Softwarica also provides students with financial aid, with a total grant of Rs 5 lakhs to the best business idea.

“The innovation hub features Computers, 3D printers, sensors, robotics equipment, drones, legos, etc,” said Poudel. The College Administration also stated that the best students from the innovation hub will get to explore more opportunities by working together with Coventry University.

Apart from the formal education, Softwarica also offers Cisco Certified Courses, Certified Ethical Hacking Courses, IBM Courses, Fortnight Academy, and other IT-related courses.

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