Happy Dashain: Some incredible facts on the longest festival of Nepal

KATHMANDU: The longest festival of Nepal, Dashain, celebrates the victory of good over evil. For the followers of Shaktism, it symbolises the victory of goddess Parvati and in Hindu mythology, it symbolises the victory of goddess Durga over demon king, Mahishasura.

The first nine days of the 15 day long festival marks the battle that took place between Durga and Mahishasura, the 10th day symbolises the day on which goddess Durga beheaded Mahishasura and the last five days symbolises the celebration that followed after the defeat of the demon king.

Listed are some facts you should definitely know about the 15 day long festival of Nepal, Dashain:

*According to the Hindu mythology, the demon Mahishasura had created terror in the world where Gods lived but Durga killed the demon

*The first nine days of Dashain symbolize the battle which took place between the different manifestations of Durga and Mahishasura

*The Goddess Durga is also said to have slayed the demons disguised as water buffaloes

*For other Hindus, this festival symbolizes the victory of Rama over Ravana as narrated in the Ramayana

*Buddhists in Nepal celebrate Dashain to honour Ashoka’s adoption of Ahimsa and Buddhism

*The first day of Dashain is called Ghatasthapana which means pot establishing. On this day a vessel, symbolising Goddess Durga, is placed in the prayer room. The vessel is filled with holy water and covered with cow dung on to which seeds are sown. The Nepalese are supposed to worship the vessel twice and day

*It is believed that goddess Durga blesses the vessel with her presence

*The room where the vessel is placed is called ‘Dashain Ghar’

*Generally women are not allowed to enter the room where Dashain puja is being carried out

*The yellow grass that grows out of the seeds on the vessel is then used to perform the Dashain. The yellow grass is called ‘Jamara’

*Jamara is bestowed by the elders atop the heads of those younger to them during the last five days. The Jamara is considered a blessing from the goddess Durga herself

*The tenth day of the festival is the Dashami. On this day, a mixture of rice, yogurt and vermilion is prepared by the women. This preparation is known as Tika

*This continues to be observed for five days till the full moon

*Before the collapse of the monarchy system in Nepal, thousands of people used to gather in the old royal palace to take the tika and blessings from the king who is considered to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

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