Mechi-Mahakali Railway: Demarcation of railway track to be completed within one month

KATHMANDU: The demarcation of the electric railway track linking Kakarbhitta-Inaruwa will be completed within a month. People have been protesting as stay order is imposed in the land around the railway tracks.

In a meeting held in District Administration Office, Jhapa, the political parties and concerned authorities have committed to solving the problem faced by the residents of the affected area.

Chief District Officer of Jhapa, Shrawan Kumar Timsina informed that the aggregate cost is estimated of all the wards of the six local levels where mapping is completed. He said that verification is yet to be held. He informed that the demarcation will be completed within a month in Jhapa. The technical process for the land acquisition and compensation has proceeded.

The railway track will be cross the six local levels of Jhapa. According to the Railway planning administration, the demarcation process in Morang and Sunsari moving rapidly. Demarcation in Jhapa will be started within a week.

The chief engineer of the Railway planning office, Damak Prakash Chandra Bhandari said certain problems will be solved once demarcation will be begin. Deuman Thebe of President of Nepali Congress, Jhapa, the political parties are committed to take initiative to provide compensation of the land.

He viewed “that decision on land acquisition and compensation needed to be taken soon” Chairman of compensation coordination committee Dr Laxmi Prasad Mainali said that compensation must be based on the current rate. He said that decision on compensation should be taken soon “

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