Double-circuit transmission line connecting China being constructed soon

KATHMANDU:As per the Chinese Project, Belt and Road Initiative (BRI), double circuit transmission line will be constructed in some parts of Ratomate-Rasuwagadh-Kerung under 400 KV inter-country project.

Earlier, NEA had made some changes making two project at same place. Studies were going on for the construction of tow, 400 KV and 220 KV, transmission line from Chilime to Ratomate. Since both transmission project were of same nature, NEA made some shifts in plan and planned to construct double circuit in the same transmission line, informed Project Chief, Komalnath Attraya.

“There was a different project to bring 220 KV from Trishuli- 3B hub to Ratomate. Now this will also be brought from same 400 KV line as decided,” said Attaraya, “If two transmission line are constructed from same place then Right of Way, Land compensation, and the construction costs becomes costly but in that same place if we shift to double circuit transmission line then the cost become less, so we shifted to double circuit.”

NEA recently made some shifts in the routes joining China. Even from the technical aspect, it was difficult to construct in old route as it was long. NEA had done studies to construct it through Langtang National Park. Previously, it was expected that the geography of the place would make hurdles in the transportation and construction work. However, a survey had been done for the construction of 26km long route in the dense forest and 10km in the mild range forest. A little change in the route is expected to reduce the length by 5km and cost by 1 Billion. In the previous route, it was expected to erect 214 electric poles while in new route it will reduce to 174 electric poles.

Though the project is very important for Nepal but the Environment Assessment Impact (EAI) and Detailed Project Report (DPR) has not been clear yet. State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) and Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) will make DPR of the project while NEA engineering company will do EAI work. But due to pandemic situation both the work has been finished yet.

Although, representatives of State Grid and NEA group Joint Technological Group ( JTG) had claimed to complete DPR by end of 2018, the haven’t even attended any meeting yet. State Grid and NEA had signed agreement on June, 2018. But even the agreement hasn’t been renewed yet. Although both the party have mutually agreed for the project but they have not been able to conduct the meeting. Though the Ministry of External Affairs had sent official letter in the same subject matter but due to the Chinese New Year and Olympics the Chinese party has not replied yet said Project Chief, Komalnath Attraya.

In 2017, Nepak had agreed for BRI and the construction of the transmission line had begun. But due to many facilitation difficulties the construction work has not not been able to be on track. As per the agreement between State Grid and NEA, around 96.79 million dollar will be spent on the project.

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