NEA revises rule to relocate electrical structures in power distribution

KATHMANDU: The Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) has implemented the necessary process and criteria to move the electrical structures (wires, poles and transformers) of the distribution system constructed to supply power to consumers.

The NEA has made the work of moving the structure systematic through the “Procedure on Electrical Structure Transfer.” The arrangements have been made in the working procedure for the transfer of electrical structure, technical inspection, approval officer, expenses incurred during the transfer and the obligation to be fulfilled.

The NEA will relocate the structures including 400/230 volt (LT line), 11 kV and 33 kV line wires, poles and transformers connected to them only if it is feasible after technical inspection.
In various urban areas of the country, including the Kathmandu Valley, requests have been made to the NEA by government bodies, local levels, consumer committees, individuals and organisations to move the electrical structures in the course of road expansion. The NEA has made arrangements to move the electrical structures only if it is deemed appropriate by the technical inspection and ensures that there is no protest at the place of transfer.

The NEA is confident that the procedure of transferring structures, including electric poles, wires, transformers, approving authority and who will bear the cost of relocation is clearly managed in the working procedure.
Managing Director of NEA Kul Man Ghising said that a policy arrangement has been made to address the complaints from various quarters, such as obstruction of urban beauty and obstruction of road expansion.
“We have heard a lot of people saying that they will move the poles. We have set clear procedures and criteria to control and manage it,” said Ghising.

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Tuesday February 8, 2022, 11:21:34 AM |

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