MCC headquarter’s bottom line; approve the grant by February 28; no amendments

KATHMANDU: America’s grant agreement Millenium Challenge Corporation (MCC) headquarter still remains constant towards its decision regarding the approval of Nepal Compact by February 28. Likewise, it has also mentioned that the due date will be the final date and any amendments will not be done.

With the ongoing debate, regarding the approval with some amendments, MCC had done a virtual meeting with MCA office situated in Nepal and the embassy officers on Wednesday.

As per the source of American Embassy, MCC has also clarified that no amendments will be accepted and the dates prescribed by Nepalese politician will be the final date.

In the same meeting, MCC’s vice-president Fatima Sumar and Co-vice president Johnathan Brooks were also present. While the ruling coalition has now been trapped regarding the MCC agreement as per expectation while MCC has taken this virtual meet as meaningful.

In the discussion, Vice-president Sumar took confidence of Nepalese politician regarding the letter sent to MCC and respect towards their own commitment. The matter has now become more complex since the ruling coalition has refused to approved the MCC agreement without amendment in the meanwhile the MCC has also refused to agree with any kinds of amendments.


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Sunday February 13, 2022, 02:22:40 PM |

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