NTA approves ‘National Frequency Strategy 2022’

KATHMANDU: Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA), the telecom sector regulator, has passed the ‘National Frequency Strategy, 2022’.

NTA stated that the National Frequency Strategy has been introduced to make the frequency management and distribution system more transparent and systematic, informed Purshottam Khanal, chairman of NTA.

The NTA board meeting held on Friday passed the National Frequency Strategy and forwarded the strategy to the Radio Frequency Policy Determination Committee (RFPDC) for approval. RFPDC is chaired by the Minister for Communications and Information Technology.

“As there are various new legal provisions in the strategy, it has to be approved by the RFPDC,” said Khanal.

Earlier, the RFPDC had directed NTA to prepare a national frequency determination plan and strategy. Furthermore, RFPDC had asked NTA to form a working group with experts to make the frequency distribution system transparent and systematic and submit a report with suggestions to the committee. The strategy has been prepared based on same directive of RFPDC, as per Khanal.

“The National Frequency Strategy intends to make frequency distribution and management in Nepal’s telecom industry more transparent. Similarly, the strategy also makes Nepal’s position clear in adopting future technologies, especially in the telecommunication sector,” informed Khanal.

As per Khanal, the strategy has tried to address other issues regarding management and distribution of existing and additional frequencies, Nepal’s position in bringing in 5G technology, future road-map of spectrum, regulation of  time division duplex (TDD) network, auction of the 700 MHz and 2600 MHz bands.

Similarly, the strategy envisions nationwide geographical coverage of basic mobile services (2G) by 2079 BS. Similarly, the strategy states that resources from the Rural Telecommunication Development Fund (RTDF) will be mobilized to establish and operate wireless communication in rural parts of the country.

The strategy also talks about the use of ultra-wideband technology which is effective for short-range communication.


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