Government directs authorities to ensure smooth supply of petroleum products

KATHMANDU: Acting Prime Minister Balkrishna Khad has directed the concerned authorities to immediately fix the problems recently surfaced in the supplies of petroleum products.

He issued a directive to Secretary at Ministry of Supplies Ganesh Prasad Pandey, acting Director-General of Nepal Oil Corporation Birendra Goit and General-Secretary of Nepal Petroleum Dealers Association Biswo Aryal to immediately resolve the issue of petroleum product supplies in Nepal.

Khad, also a Home Minister warned that the government would be compelled to take tough measures despite its unwillingness if problems continued on the supplies of most essential goods.

NOC acting director-general Goit shared that Minister Khand had directed them to monitor whether or not the oil entrepreneurs were selling out petroleum products. As per the directives, they carried out the monitoring of petroleum supplies in collaboration with the District Administration Office Kathmandu, Goit added.

He further informed that they monitored 20 plus petrol pumps of the Kathmandu Valley and found some were smoothly supplying and some others not.

He also shared that preparation was underway to have a dialogue with the agitating side at 5 pm on Saturday.

General-Secretary of the Association Aryal informed that a directive was issued to end the problem surfaced in petroleum product supplies by holding dialogue with the NOC.

The oil entrepreneurs and diesel suppliers have been warning to stop the sales and supplies of petroleum product demanding increment of petroleum tanker fare with the rise in the price of petroleum products.

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Saturday April 2, 2022, 09:08:32 PM |

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