Subisu’s New Year Offer: Get 650 Mbps internet at Rs1,770

KATHMANDU: Subisu has introduced New Subhakamana Offer for its users to celebrate the upcoming Nepali New Year 2079.

Under this offer, customer can can enjoy extreme speed internet of 650 Mbps at Rs.1770 per month and this includes the subscription for 4 Clear TV.

For the new users, you will need to install the Subisu in your home so you have to one-time fee for the activation of ONU which costs Rs. 1327 and pay for the wire need to add the router to the connection and it will cost Rs. 885. You have to activate your set-top box by paying Rs. 1770 for the first time and after that, you do not need to pay for it in the coming years. It will come with 4 TV subscriptions.

Customers will have to pay Rs. 21239 annually for the subscription of 650 Mbps internet. For the first year, the total cost for the installment and internet would be Rs. 25221.


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Tuesday April 12, 2022, 03:17:15 PM |

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